The Reach (Part 2)

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Atheism, LGBT


The Architect:


The Architect of the Matrix was the brain of the Machine.  The father of the programs, simulations, and security within the machine, humanity has given it a name — God.  We are like sub-programs within the machine, unknowingly doing as we’ve been programmed to do.  Sub-routines that mindlessly adhere to traditions that were pounded into us as children.  Most people don’t even know why they believe what they do; they just go along with the ‘program’, all the while servicing the machine.

People really cleave to their heritage, cultural creations and enhancements.  We are proud of our histories, our expression, languages, and our lifestyles.  These give us identity and pride in our lives.

To awaken to the realization that the Architect in your life is really another expression of the Machine, gives pause to anyone that wants to be unplugged, because of the risk of destroying the framework our mind has constructed to that point. 

Must we think that the Architect we have known and learned is not like the other Architects in the world?  Justifying one Architect over another seems reckless; as that idea separates humanity, causing war and walls of incompatibility, which is divisive, all contrived by the invention of the Machine.

Out of the caves of the ‘hunter/gatherer’ mentality, into the infancy of civilization, man has created gods for every unexplained event.  Tsunamis, tornado’s, famine, earthquakes, volcanoes, the horrible storms on the wind tossed seas, could not be explained.  It was a power they could not comprehend.  They built temples, idols, gave sacrifices and committed horrible atrocities all in the name of this Architect, God.  They began to write of the Architects power and awesomeness, of his mercy, sparing them from famine and destruction of nature’s fury year to year.  These Architects are revered on every continent, and have been since their creation.

To question the Architect, is to question The Machine.

I soon came to the realization that all Architects belonged to The Machine.  So in my understanding, this logically is a continuation of man’s earliest attempt at defining things he does not understand.  All things unknown to this day, are still attributed to an Architect — a god — instead of leaning on the fact that science and experiments lead to facts and theories, debunking much of the machines logic.  These things are the real reality.  Science throughout the centuries has shrunk the estate of the Architects, and remains a threat to the Machine, and will continue to help to awaken others that are trapped in the illusion.


The Oracle

The Oracle:


The Oracle is that small voice within the machine that questions the works, actions and decisions of the Architect — Your Intellect!  It is the only way to find the path to reality.  It’s that nagging, incessant knock that finally brings you to the question, “what IS the Matrix?”   It’s a ‘checks and balances’ for the Machines forceful hand of insanity within the system.  “Please, listen to it!”  If you listen to the voice of your intellect, then and only then will you find the emotional release from the Architect, and ultimately, The Machine.


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