The Reach (Part 3)

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Atheism, LGBT

spiritual necessity

Chapter 2:  Spiritual Necessity.


Throughout the ages, man has always owned a keen curiosity of things, both known and unknown.  From the wonders of the universe, to creating and destroying mechanisms assisting us in war, work, agriculture, metal working, and all the wonders of the ages, from the Bronze Age, until the atomic age in which we live today.  Medical discoveries, finding cures, discovering the very universe in ways mankind have never been able to see and understand it, and thanks to today’s technology and automation changes, almost anything is possible.

With all our leaps through the ages, the one thing that slowed humanities advance and stymied any drive to continue discovery, was the Dark Ages religious mentality.  Witch hunts were the norm, as the Church tried to thwart any science or discovery (then considered heresy), that would advance anything else but the fables of the church and its authority.  But man continued to try to satisfy his curiosity and we came out into the Renaissance Era, with blossoming results!  Nothing will stop humanity from scratching that itch, bringing us closer and closer to an even better utopia type civilization for us all.

That ‘itch’, those unanswered questions are the driving force that enables religions to this day.  Who created us?  What birthed the big bang?  Who or what was the prime mover that created both time and matter?  These questions are like kindling for religions that say they ‘know’, or are sure…without any explanations or proof of their claims.  No tests offered to show how their fabrications could be real, as the Machine should not be questioned.  After all, religion has been big business for charlatans, planting fear and selling an invisible product to the unfortunate and less educated class of society.  Religious empires have been built ever since the inception of a god, with leaders controlling their masses through man-made stories and rules.  They were called theocracies — a powerful form of a manipulative type governing.  There are countries today under the same form of governing.  Their women are property; various sins defined in their holy books are punished as required, by the authority of their barbaric gods and carried out by their leaders, in their ultra-conservative network of evil.  It was and continues to be, a very barbaric way of governing, halting the advancement of culture and civilization.


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