The Reach (Part 5)

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Atheism, LGBT


The Awe Effect:


Many great authors have written from a sense of awe, when it comes to life, vast oceans, towering mountain ranges, and blistering deserts, and the wonders of our solar system and the vast wonders of the universe.  YES, it can be sensory overload when it comes to most awesome beauty of life and beyond, BUT that is where the big question mark seems to appear above our heads.  How? Why? Is there a plan?  Are we the only higher intelligent beings in the evolution of the universe?


When we were expecting our first child, we were so excited of the prospects of what this special bundle would bring.  Childbirth classes ensued, friends and loved ones shared their stories of their experience, the joy, excitement returning again to their face and words!  But NOTHING hit the mark in our hearts and minds until WE experienced it for ourselves.  It’s hard to really explain or fathom the joy the experience of that new life, working its way out of the body, and finally…into your loving and thankful arms!  That was awe.  Or up in the mountains, a crystal clear night, and the sky so dark, illuminated by the brightness of the stars.  You could almost reach out and touch them.  That is awe. The vastness and power of the oceans below you, as you cruise on the waters.   Seventy percent of the planet, covered in water and full of life, some known, and others unknown.  So mysterious are their depths.  That is awe.


Since we migrated to caves, humanity has experienced these wonders and awe.   Man gathered his thoughts, swirling in his rapidly evolving cranium, creating stories and fables that lent the idea of a master individual(s) and gave him/them a name…God.  God’s for each of the unexplainable events on our planet.  The God of the volcano, God of the wind, God of the seas, God of the storms, etc..   Now they could finally use this belief system, or machine, for controlling others through the fear of the natural variances within our planets normal functionality.  Famines, floods, volcanos happened, all because someone crossed the line drawn by man, as a line drawn by their ‘god’.  Soon, sacrifices ensued to please these all powerful gods.  Stories of miracles, sacrifice, virgin birth, etc., etc. emerged and were passed on from generation to generation.  Is it any wonder why we have these thoughts now?  They are ingrained in our thoughts since birth.  Real?   No.  Factual?   No.  But then again, who knew?  Societies embraced the machine as government, and ruled the people by them.

The awe effect has given license to fable and religion before science was even a word.  That awe can make you fall back on the unexplained or unknowing as being God, or the “God of the Gaps”.  Science, medicine, and technology has crossed many of the wonders off the score card of the unknown, shrinking God more and more as humanity’s understanding evolves. 

There is science and there are fables, and they are not equal…as a matter of FACT. One belongs on the shelf with Zeus and the Kraken; one is what science extrapolates through testing. I’ve never seen the testing for miracles, ascensions, raising the dead, virgin births, existence of any of actual existence of any supreme beings, because you cannot test fables. The death and dismantling of the machine and its way of life, learning and policy, needs to transpire.  It may not happen in our lifetime…but I have hope for humanity, that it will finally outgrow it’s make believe ‘friends’.


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