The Inner Darkness

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Attitude, Holidays, LGBT, Perspective


The Inner Darkness


Darkness…the absence of light.  An image of insufferable pitch black evil.  The abyss of suffering and cold abandonment of all that is good.  The pain of rejection, denial, and intense pain, both emotional and sometimes physical.  We’ve all felt it.  We’ve all felt its talons gripping us and the intense desire to run, and get away from its cold reality.


Life is a complicated weave of love, learning, experiencing, sharing, and also the darkness of rejection, death, misunderstanding, willful ignorance and the hatred others seem to savor and project toward you.  Rejection by friends, family,  those who we thought “had our backs”, in the short lived life we are blessed to experience on this wonderful globe. Somehow they are necessary for our discerning good from bad.  This Darkness manifests within many emotions that abide at our very cores, and sometimes its residue remains, even after encouragement from family, friends and professionals.  Identifying the darkness that is masked in both truths and untruths is essential to leading a healthy, vibrant life.


This Darkness will steal your joy, your motivation, your hope, and distort the goodness, love, and support that is all around you.  Suddenly, you are exhausted with despair, incapable of moving forward it seems.  But it only has to be purged and cleansed from your core.  That forward motion often comes when we pause, and reflect.  Reflection of the reality of our tapestry, being full of color, life, and meaning.   Many become lost in the darkness and captive to its spiraling gravity, bringing you to the pit of despair.  Many choose to release themselves via desperate means.  Suicide is rampant among our young people, veterans, and LGBT communities. 


Please, especially around the Holidays, take time to reach out to those that seem swallowed up by the darkness and help them to pause and reflect on all the beautiful and colorful threads of love, support, and unending joy that is theirs to experience!  And if it’s you, do the same…for you are so precious to many and you never know who you are influencing…much more than you can possibly realize.



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