Know Thyself

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Attitude, LGBT, Perspective


This phrase has been spoken and expressed by many famous people in humanity’s history, Plato and Socrates to name just two.  To know yourself!  And be temperate!   Be aware of your lack of knowledge, and not to think of yourself too highly.  I’d like to take a turn with this phrase.  To “Know Thyself”, you must be aware of your inner desires, your recognition of who you are and your place in the life you carve out for yourself. 

Since birth, we’ve been in someone’s vise, getting beaten on, cut, and formed into what our caregivers, teachers and society thinks we are to be.  Trying to fill forms we were not necessarily made to fill.  After high school, I remember how so many had the very best in mind for me, and how they tried to help steer me in the right direction, given my confused state at that time.  I found myself conforming to the ‘best fit’ that I felt was for me at that time.  Of course, it changed several times over my young adult life, often disregarding my inner feelings.  My social discourse in my adult infancy was shaky at best.  Trying to fit in as we all do, using our scant experience and the council of friends and loved ones.  I personally had conflicts as to who I was, who I found myself attracted to, and conflicts in my gender.  Given the generation in which I was raised, there was NO mention of these quirks of nature that I was experiencing.  Morality was being ruled by religion and animated all the wrong responses to my apparent demise.  I knew something was askew, something did not feel right.  I did not fit within the forms I was so pressed to conform to.  Could I be the man, the father, the strength my wife and children so needed?  Could I be the leader within the church I so loved and gave myself to?  Could I rightfully help others and give council whilst being so tormented and conflicted myself?  I think not.  Until I finally realized that I had to deal with this non-conforming soul that I had been given…which was to truly “Know Thyself”.


Your whole life can be spent trying to fit into all the forms that well-meaning friends, loved ones, and professionals try to squeeze you into…and still feel like a misfit.   No, of course these feelings of uncertainty are’t all related to LGBT issues, but so many are.


Please take time to let your heart and mind connect, and see that your journey can be full of understanding and acceptance of yourself.  Only then will you be able to think clearly and be motivated to be the best you can possibly be in this short life you’ve been given.


Know Thyself!



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