The Strength of Hope

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Attitude, LGBT, Perspective


Hope – to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true.   So many have used this virtue to gird themselves against the reality that is just NOT.  But the sweetness of hope is that it may not be now, but that it is a possibility for YOU! 


Hope is a well spring, keeping us from complete despair.  Without it, there is no apparent light to a bad situation.  Good situations to be had all around us are in our ‘blind spot’, not realizing just how close those pleasant realities are.  Hope is a lighthouse, its beacon keeping us from total ruin on the rocks of total abandonment!  Hope is light in a dark situation; color in a gray world, aspirations kept alive.


Chaos Ahead Traffic Sign


There is another kind of hope, misguided hope.  Misguided hopes are unrealistic, and to expect results from them would require breaking laws such as physics, rule of land, having ‘blind’ faith.  Hopes like these have no legs, no ability of ever really existing…just a bridge to nowhere.  To gamble with blind faith is to throw away reality; reality of change, reality of results, tangible evidence of your situation finally making sense.  This type of hope is to be shunned, as it consumes your time without lasting change to your situation.



In this life, all of us will be rained on!  We will experience loss, rejection, misunderstanding, depression, hate and abuse (verbal and physical).  Some experience hunger, joblessness, lack of healthcare, clothing, or any type of real care.  Thankfully, there is the good side of life.  Love, peace, shelter, friendships, family, possessions, luxuries many rarely experience.  The combination of both good and bad experiences helps us to be thankful for our situation, as there are always those less fortunate than we are at that moment. 


During this holiday season, take time to reflect on the past year…its triumphs and setbacks.  Keep your eyes on YOUR prize!  If it’s a job, mate, to be reunited with estranged loved ones, to find relief from your emptiness and hurt, just know that the reality of a happy situation is yours through HOPE.  Let it be your resolve this coming New Year!  Remember, your hope will be your lifeline to the possibilities only YOU can achieve and experience.  May your joy be full this coming year!

  Much hope and love to you!


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