Reality and ‘Your Reality’

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Atheism, Attitude, LGBT, Perspective


Most of us have experienced the awe of space and its many stars, visible to our own eyes.  It’s deep coldness, its brilliant suns, the unimaginable distance and solitude it exudes.  Ancient man gave many of the stars names, and used them to navigate our globe. 

I’d like to give a quick overview of some known facts.

Our Sun was birthed about 5 billion years ago.  Its solar system of planets is about 4.5 billion years old.  Our sun is a yellow dwarf.  Our life giving star is regarded as a very insignificant star in the scheme of suns.  Most suns also have many planets within its solar system as well.  The closest sun to our sun is known as Alpha Centauri.  It is a mere 4 light years away, that’s if one could travel for 4 years at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).  That gives you an idea of the expanse of space.  Here is an example of various known suns in our knowable universe, starting with our planets and their relative sizes:



We are all part of a galaxy known as the Milky Way.   It is a spiral galaxy, and is approximately 160,000 light years across and made up of over 200,000,000,000 (200 billion) stars and associated planets (ours being only one of them)…and that is just our small, insignificant galaxy. The Known Universe is 13.8 billion years old.

 Here is one view of the millions of galaxies taken by the Hubble telescope (these are galaxies):


 Our Reality: 

Most humans are enjoying (for the brief moment) being an apex predator on this rocky planet we call Earth.  Ninety-nine percent of ALL life that has ever existed to date is now extinct.  Our mammalian species has been around for approximately 150,000 (mere thousands of years, not millions, or billions) years.  That is a mere blink of the eye to what has already transpired on this one small planet, with its small sun, amongst billions of other stars and subsequent planets, in an insignificant galaxy among billions of galaxies in the KNOWN universe!  It is completely overwhelming!  And to think, we humans think we are ‘special’. .. And we are, especially to us. Such arrogance!  Nothing is insignificant when it involves the ‘top of the chain, god created, universe revolves around us’ species we have named humanity.  It is completely ludicrous to believe anything of the sort.  Billions of years of evolution around the known universe have been transpiring, regardless of our self proclaimed position on this beautiful rock we know as home.  But something DOES make us special, special to us, our needs, our emotions, our friends, our achievements, our loves, our experience of ‘life’, and that is our humanity.  It’s fragile, but can be wonderful and rewarding.  Our 5 senses are limited, but without them, our lives are challenged and less fulfilling.  

Take the time to re-evaluate your fragile life.  It is as a blade of grass, rising up and dying before the sun, so quickly experienced.  Do not wait to spread your wings and be all you can be.  Open your mind to the diversity and experiences we can enjoy.  Learn all you can, understand as much as you can, the reality you create for yourself.  Remember, the universe and all its splendor will continue for billions of years after you and I are gone, so make the very best of it!!!



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