Popcorn (The Curse of Instant Gratification)

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Atheism, Attitude, LGBT, Perspective


I’ve always enjoyed a bag of microwavable popcorn, to edge my hunger.  That slight salt and buttery taste satisfies for a moment, but ultimately leaves you with a hunger for REAL food.  The salt creates a thirst and the butter, well, who doesn’t love butter?  It’s a quick treat.  Something that takes little effort and yields a pleasant, but temporary satisfaction.   

Humans are intelligent and creative, creativity being mostly for convenience.  The Machine Age brought ingenious streamlining to our mundane chores.  From farming to the table, from cotton to clothing, from manual labor to automated machines that would run circles around human production.  Now the Age of Technology has brought almost complete automation to our human interactions and the realities of what it means to be ‘human’.   While we all enjoy many of these inventions, and cannot even think of going back to the ‘old days’ before machines, computers, chat rooms and the like, there is much to be said about the human element. 


Staples has built their marketing around the big red button “EASY”.  It implies that with little effort, your shopping experience will be a breeze.  The keyword is “easy”.  We want things, all things, to be convenient for us…a form of instant or quick gratification.  From quick changing lights in traffic, to timely appointments, those ‘things’ can be improved and therefore benefit our selfish needs.  But there are things better left for preparation, things that heartfelt humanity can only fill and bring meaning to us the way that ‘things’ and convenience cannot.  We must identify those human elements…friendships, quality time with friends and family, a good book, a fantastic meal, a retirement plan, a quality vacation,  a kiss, passionate expression, time taking essence that satisfy the soul…not just the moment. 

The point being, Nothing worth having comes easy…nothing.  From loves, to friends, to food, to careers, the meaningful has no shortcuts.  Wondering why no one is your friend?  Wonder why you don’t have the job you desire?  Wonder why you’re always single?  Ask yourself again, with sincerity…are you willing to spend your energies achieving those things you desire most, or are you trying to ‘microwave’ your happiness?

nothing worth having


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