Normal? I Think Not.

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Attitude, LGBT, Perspective


I am odd, you say.   I am different, you say.  I am unnatural, you say.  I am not NORMAL, no…and let me tell you why I’ve embraced and celebrate my ‘differences’ among the status quo.


Societal norms have a safety built into them and are advantageous for ‘fitting in’ for the average family, life-style, or community.  We humans on the other hand, are all different in shape, size, education, likes, dislikes, sexual orientation, fetishes, religion, creed, culture, ability and disability.  “Fitting in” is a evolutionary function for survival.  We are pack animals, tribal in our very nature.  There are rules and authorities in every tribe, society, or government.  We no longer answer to a mere pecking order, but have socially evolved regarding respect to others, as we would like to be treated.  Our family elements are crucial for our continued bloodlines and species.  Each of us an individual, with various aspirations, goals, talents, likes, and dreams.  So in actuality, society is an orchestra of various instruments, sounds, compilations of rhythm and harmony.  Just because you’re buried deep in the trombone section, smothered by the musical score that fits you, do not forget that you are a mere note in a sea of notes that make up a successful orchestra in the theater of life.

Your outlook and experience are directly related to your upbringing and your physical and psychological makeup.  You can choose to stay in that mindset, and continue a functional but dwarfed existence, or you can push yourself into an expanded world of education, experience and diversity.  There is beauty in both existences, but the latter will allow you to feel, grow, and experience things you would or could never, living on the smaller minded plane of existence so many call ‘normal’.

Those who are unable to learn or grow, because of laziness, addictions, cults, or other socially crippling habits, often lash out at those who do choose to spread their wings.  Hateful words, conniving actions, can be as a cancer, spreading throughout their thought processes…causing division and continued willful ignorance in a struggling, progressive society.  There are many that rejoice and celebrate their ignorance, and band together as a rogue pack of rabid animals, trying to spoil every good thing that diversity and progressive thinking has blossomed.

So, where do you find yourself?  Settling for the simple ‘trombone’ score, in the midst of other like trombones, or do you hear the beat of a different drummer, keeping cadence with the other notes that are beautifully ringing in the ears of those who would hear?


Normal?  I think not.



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