Beware The Sequel

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Atheism, LGBT, Perspective, politics, religion


In my adolescence I was completely enthralled with the imaginary superheros and villains that were found in our comic books and occasionally starred in cinema.  We would go to the theater to watch these much awaited movies with our imaginations going wild!  After the movie ended we would flow out into the streets, believing ourselves to be Superman, complete with superpowers!   I thought I could fly, had super strength and was able to do anything to suppress any of the ‘threats’, or posses the  power to change my life.   I was completely incorrigible, for a time at least.  This euphoria would continue on when Saturday cartoons would air, bolstering my infinite imagination.  We’d come home from school only to hear from my over-worked mother, ”You kids go outside and play until dinner is ready!”  Over and over again my imagination would revisit the abilities and morality that was found in the cartoons and movies.  Batman, Superman, The Green Lantern, He Man, Johnny Quest and The League of Justice were all real in affecting my ability in some positive way (or so I thought).

As I grew older, TV series such as Star Trek, Lost in Space, My Favorite Martian and the like would continue to spur my evolving mind forward to more possible things in science, ideas that went beyond the technology of the time.  These thoughts ignited aspirations that would stay with me into adulthood.  Mind-stretching possibilities of science and technology were manifest with the creation of inventions that would bring those realities to fruition in my latter years.  Things that seemed only science fiction then are now part of our lives this very day. 


Many forms of media programming affect our thought processes imprint on us in our childhood and adulthood.  2014 has been deemed  “Year of the Bible” by the creative marketers of cinema.   Many of it’s movies, Son of God, Noah, Heaven is for Real, Exodus, and Mary, Mother of Christ will bring the CG versions of Bible stories to millions of viewers.  These movies will be flooded with miraculous glamour that will feed many minds with the seemed ‘reality of God and his power and authority over man’.  People everywhere will be stimulated by the supposed ‘reality’ of these Hollywood remakes in America; they are already leaving the cinemas with ‘super powers’ and bolstered ‘abilities’ and morality affecting their religious posterity.

In their minds, children will be Moses, Noah, Jesus or Mary in their playtime; adults, on the other hand, will have been inspired to make changes in their lives — even if for a short period of time.   Churches will be emblazoned with passion, inspiring more outreach to those who have been affected by the movies, hopefully increasing membership within their social network they call ‘The Church’. 

There is a war going on in the minds and hearts of those that would, by blind faith, throw themselves into the frothing masses of those who desire to change our country from a democracy to a theocracy. This year they will be inspired by their ‘higher power’ to wield authority and legislative power to make our great nation look more like a Christian movie-set than a platform designed by our Constitution.  This is an election year I am afraid that this CG platform of religion, empowered by fear and fallacy, will attempt to succeed in many states.  They will attempt yet again, to put in chains those in the LGBT community who have enjoyed expanded freedoms to date.


We must remain cognizant of the real threat to our freedoms of diversity, not exacerbated fear and judgment that religious stories and fable inspire.  We are a nation with ‘Liberty and Justice for All’, or are we merely a reflective image of theocracy which marginalizes women, quells freedoms and enforces a way of life that enslaves the minds of millions which ascribe to it’s ‘desert-tribe’ mentality.  This election year, we must continue the fight for freedom for all, not just the script of those who wish to relive their proverbial superheroes.  Repercussion is a form whiplash.  We must:

Beware The Sequel.


  1. Dan Conley says:

    I love your writing and I agree with you 100%. Thank you.

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