Duress of the Noble

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Attitude


Unemployment is at an all time high here in the ‘Land of Plenty’.  Technology, machining, robots, all have been good for corporations and businesses bottom line, but for the worker, it has been a curse.  Sure, the Stock Market is doing well and corporations are enjoying record profit margins, with CEO’s and upper management enjoying lavish salaries, bonuses and perks.  The ‘backbone’ of the companies (it’s worker bees) are just barely making a living wage, and many will never get ahead of a ‘living check-to-check’ lifestyle.  Growth is good.  Challenging oneself to advance is what we champion.  The dreams of owning your own home, a retirement account, vacations, college education and job security are all but a ruse, while the ‘fat cat’ coffers are full of financial pork.

Companies that are ‘public’ (trade on the stock market) are only interested in their investors and stock holders and will do ANYTHING legal and illegal to boost their bottom line.  Many corporations stopped offering pensions, good health insurance, 401 contributions, travel, training, relocation, etc.. in lieu of investing in the human ‘resources’ of the company.  They would rather hire contractors, than ‘invest’ in humanity.

There was a time when unions gave employees a voice.  Management would have to work with their employees for a better, safer work environment.   Unions gave worth to the human element within corporations…these necessities are considered luxuries today.

College educated people are a dime a dozen and it does not guarantee your employment anywhere.   Fast food chains can attest to the failure of the recognition of human talent within the unemployed numbers, as the average age of workers there is 27.  No longer is fast food a ‘stepping stone’ for high school kids to get their feet wet in the employment and responsibility department, but a staple for skilled people.  A living wage was once determined by the average apartment rental in that geographic area.   If the average rent was $800, your living wage would be $800 per week.  So, the living wage has now joined the ranks of fiction as well here in the ‘greatest country on earth’. 

The unemployment rate is derived from those that have filed or are collecting unemployment benefits, NOT the total of those collecting and those that have exhausted their benefits and are ineligible for anything but government assistance.  That number is incalculable, very scary indeed in this day and time.   Millions of experienced, hard-working, educated people are without benefits of any kind and are at the mercy of state and government assistance to SURVIVE.  Note, I said survive…the mere ability to exist.  These unfortunates are not unskilled or lazy, and there is a desperate need to have government programs to retrain citizens, not demonize them.   Paying bills become an impossible task.  Rent/Mortgage, utilities, car and insurance payments, food, internet…all basic needs in our current society cannot be met because of the lack of income.  Many become homeless, or end up a burden on another already struggling family to maintain an existence.

Fear causes paralysis and unless the government steps up with programs and offer incentives to corporations, there will be no hope for the unfortunate, middle class unemployed in this country.  Those in our government that demonize and remain insensitive and inert, are pure poison for our government and must be removed and replaced by those that will hear the cry of it’s citizens.  I believe the finances and heart exist for our nation to be great again.  What we need now are competent leaders, not prejudice, repugnant legislators.

 Restore our Country’s Nobility!



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