New Beginnings

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Family, LGBT, Perspective, Transgender


Today is the first day of spring.  It’s a time recognized as a time for new life, new growth.  Look around you, the trees are budding, the crocus blooming and the green is returning to the ground that just recently lay with cold snow.  The robins are in large numbers, busy eating the fruits of a now thawed ground, as hormones are rushing in all life…wanting to begin the cycle anew.  It is a time to open the windows, activate those convertible tops and enjoy the fresh smells and sounds of life…the awakening!

New beginnings take many shapes, and just like the advancing spring, our experiences yet to be had are burgeoning within us.  New hopes or desires that long lay at rest; begin to sprout up…those seeds that once lay dormant.  Care needs to be given to these dreams, as they are vulnerable in their infancy.  Most rise quickly, only to be abused by the excess of the unforgiving elements.

New beginnings come in various diverse formats.  New jobs, new homes, new locations, new friends, new loves, are all part of our lives, and how we treat or cherish them will determine the outcome of those beginnings.  Herein lays our success, failure and our very understanding of our own fragile lives.  To abuse these delicate buds, is only to destroy the new life that has sprung up within our experience.  Many never identify the destructive methods of supposed care in their life experience; only to relive it in each ‘spring’ experience…a disappointment to say the least.  We all have tasted of disappointment, denial, uncontrolled fear and misunderstandings that have snapped of the very bud that was yearning to open.   These experiences are not unique, but to us, it seems like the world has pitted itself against us and our happiness.  We are usually our own worst enemy.  Our state of psychosis has become emboldened along the way, bringing with it panic, insecurity, anxiety and fear that paralyzes our chance to fertilize our budding efforts.

This spring, allow your thoughts, concerns and actions be toward nurturing those budding dreams and desires that are yours alone.   You are your own best friend, or worst enemy.  Believe in yourself, apply yourself, and your dreams can and will flourish!  Should it not happen for you this time, learn from your mistakes and enjoy the realization of those dreams that belong to you.

Enjoy your New Beginning!



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