Equal Rights

Posted: March 25, 2014 in equal rights, LGBT, Perspective, politics, religion

In the fight for equal rights for LGBT persons, there are various stages that are apparent. Various groups within the status quo become numb to the abuses of a minority, until the abused are pushed to a point where they begin to retaliate or fight back against the apparent blind aggression. That’s when I have seen the following start to happen:

1. Recognition of inequality within a minority of the country and in this case..LGBT persons.

2. The retaliation of the majority, fed by fear and tribal instincts, begin a backlash of hate, fighting against changing their norms of comfort and solidarity as a majority. Usually religious beliefs being the wedge.

3. Legal battles ensue, for and against. Usually leading all the way to the supreme court to finalize a matter.

4. Visibility of said group (LGBT) becomes more evident. Neighbors, friends, relatives, professionals coming out to show our societal normalcy.

5. Freedoms begin to be legally won. Mind-sets are slowly affected by personal knowledge of persons that are out. One-to-one education going on within various neighborhoods. Education easing fears that once held them, ignorance losing it’s hold.

6. Religion and holy books with reference to unacceptable ‘lifestyle’, held in high esteem, even with the passing of equal rights. Continued oppression against LGBT communities with religious sanction. Religion becomes involved in politics and education to try to thwart apocalyptic ideas, more fear is created and promoted.

7. Ignorance and fear battle against the sanity of the country. More lies created and conspiracies taken as reality by those affected by the barrage of the supposed ‘moral majority’.

8. Newer generations holding more to education and sanity, dispelling almost all the hate from the religious superiority factions, causing more people to stop attending various religious establishments. The majority of 13-35 persons growing up with LGBT friends and classmates, find the battle ludicrous. 

9. Racists and haters aging, still fighting an insurmountable fight. Gerrymandering districts to keep students and minorities from voting, their only power…the vote. Class warfare maintained and boosted among them, demonizing minorities of all kinds.

10. Old age claims their lives, advancing the younger, less hateful groups. Religion loses hold on the minds of millions, and they turn to more education and become more prolific scientifically. 

That’s just what I have noticed. I know many of you are much more knowledgeable and qualified to completely pick this apart, but it’s my understanding of what I’ve viewed both within the civil rights movement and now with LGBT rights.

Which side do you find yourself on?



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