Until Love is Equal

Posted: April 3, 2014 in equal rights, LGBT, Transgender

I was just watching a commercial from a prominent dating site, in which the couple ended up on the couch, making out in front of friends…with their apparent blessing on their physical show of love. (and/or lust) I thought to myself, “what if this was aired with 2 men in love, or 2 women all over each other…how much would the public be celebratory of ‘that’ kind of love?”

We’ve come a long way with LGBT rights. Our visibility and work in the court systems allow us to openly celebrate our care and love for each other… OR DOES IT??

I believe we have fought for the right to ‘exist’, to love who we want to love, but as a society the majority of the population is not ready to actually SEE us as the loving couples we really are. I hear this all the time..”oh, it’s cool that you are with someone you love of the same sex, but com’mon…don’t put it in our face!” Why? Because they still view anything other than typical hetero relationships, with public displays of that love, not acceptable. I’m not necessarily advocating PDA’s, as I believe there are times and places for that, no matter who or what you represent.

I realize we have such a long way to go. We need to continue to be visible, and help validate not only our existence, but our place among humanity as well. 




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