Innocence – The Illusive Jewel

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Attitude, Family, LGBT, Perspective
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Innocence – the freedom from guilt, the lack of knowledge of things that are hurtful in life or of the unknown.  We start this life out with the purest of innocence, completely dependent upon the loving caretakers of our life.  We knew nothing of the planet, it’s inhabitants, it’s wonders or it’s harm, only the sustenance and the warmth of our loving creator(s).

Soon, we begin viewing the world with all it’s vibrant colors, smells, tastes, sounds and touch…our inquisitive nature intact!  Our personalities just beginning to bud, and oh so malleable.  Soon we arrive at conciseness, when we begin to become aware of others and our learning of other reactionary forces that are generated by our choices, as innocent as they may seem.  We begin to relate to others, learning the difference between bad choices and good choices, all the while taking in what we see and hear from our loving caregiver…good or bad.  It’s at this time that the flood of information is processed at lightning speed and our morals are formed;  Respect, friendship, sharing, self-worth or fear, insecurity, feelings of worthlessness, blame or anger are planted and watered.

We start in an education system geared to prepare and make aware the gears of a society and the untapped potential we have in each of us.  The world in ALL of it’s wonders are explosively powerful should we become enlightened.  We become honed through expression, the arts, physical challenges of sports, math/science and friendships that will last a lifetime. But then, the hormones begin to kick in, and what a shock to the system we’ve come to know and find comfort in.  Puberty is a shock and causes unstable emotions within either sex.  It is during this time of the stress of peer pressure and hormonal instincts that the bud of sexuality opens, drawing others to us.  Innocence is a word we are acquainted with by this time, only to be discarded by the sexual urging of reproduction, millions of years in the making.


There are various experiences of innocence.  One example has been experienced by recent generations.  As we look back at the many things we have lost, we’ve learned to reflect on the utopia of it’s predecessors.  A time when we all seemed to be making a living wage and college was in the future for so many of the middle class.  We championed various types of production of manner in our world, giving hopes and security that we became complacent within our personal lives.  Then one day on Sept. 11, 2001, the proverbial ‘shit hit the fan’.  Terrorism brought our norms to their knees, buckled by fears and animosity.  Our innocence was shattered, leaving us only one choice….to rebuild.

What I mean to convey is this; Innocence, in some form, is attained over and over again within our short life experience.  When you reach that ‘Goldie Lock Zone’ or your comfort level that has once again been rebuilt, do not find yourself in complacency, but love and live your life on a daily basis…as it was your last.  After all, that is all anyone has.  Enjoy!



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