Ally’s Wager

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

I had gone to bed last night, and this thought, or my understanding of this thought, kept me awake until I could express it:


Equation breakdown:

RE (Reality) – Reality in the instance is referenced as a ‘constant’ across human experience.   Life, death, Earth, gravity, evolution, various life forms, elements, effects of nature, our solar system, galaxies and universe are al constants in the fact that they exist via our senses, science and experimentation.

FA (Fantasy) – The opposite of reality. Imagined or conjured up sequence fulfilling a psychological need; daydream or hallucination.

IM (Imagination) – Creative expression of thought, the faculty of imagining or forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses.

EM (Emotions) – An effective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like is experienced as distinguished from the cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.

IN (Intellect) – Capacity for thinking and acquiring knowledge, especially of a high or complex order; mental capacity.  Minds collectively, as a number of persons or the persons themselves.

YR (Your Reality) – A compilation of the above ‘elements’.

1 (One) – “One, is the loneliest number you will ever do.”  Lol!  No, One in this aspect is represented by the Individual, which is a distinct indivisible entity; a single organism capable of independent existence.


This equation was derived from my life experience and insight thereof.  I’ve often wondered (and still do), what makes someone think the way they do?  Is it upbringing, life experience, our reaction to situations and societies expectations or demands?  What makes a person find comfort in things that are not in RE (reality), but find solace in thing that are derived from FA (fantasy) or IM (imagination)?  Let’s discuss these terms.

Reality – Reality in it raw form is beautiful and wondrous all by itself.  Just look around…nature in all it’s splendor, from it’s babbling brooks, to it’s rich plains, to it’s mountain peaks to it’s mighty oceans, our planet and all it’s acquired life, is AMAZING!  Early humanity was not only fragile, but finite, inquisitive, and superstitious from it’s conception.  To fill the gaps of the unknown, mankind in it’s superstition, conceded and conceived the idea of a higher power that was in control…something that leads us to the next ‘element’ in the equation.

Fantasy – Early man it it’s ignorance, didn’t understand the natural movements of our planet, it’s volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, droughts, flooding, and called on a fantasy…something or someone derived from ignorance, to span the gap of knowledge.  Man is extremely talented and imaginative, leading to our next element.

Imagination – Imagination is the offspring of Fantasy.  It’s a beautiful, artistic, musical way that the mind contrives both the beautiful and the most hideous creatures and imagined experiences…from gods and angels, to demons and hell; from fairies to unicorns, to gremlins and vampires.  Imagination is the beautiful creative expression of our mammalian experience.  Without our imaginations, dreams do not exist, all art forms stifled, hope seems empty, and aspirations quelled.   Imagination makes the seeming inanimate ‘come to life’.  It allows us to feel the sunshine on a rainy day, or the affections of the heart appear eminent.  To our knowledge, it is unique to humanity alone…which brings us to our next element.

Emotions – I cannot even imagine humanity without emotions.  Emotions are prompted by experiences. Reading, observing, assimilating, or just be subjected to them.  Sometimes we wish we couldn’t feel, when experiencing displeasing, destructive, or saddening situations; but during the good times we reap the reward of the positive emotions of love, elation, joy, laughter, contentment or achievement.  Although we cannot avoid emotions, we govern how we express them.  Our emotions dance with many partners, both in reality and fantasy, but to keep our feet on the ground intellectually, leads us to our next element.

Intellect – Our intellect should attempt to balance our thoughts and reactions which lends to the way we learn.  We all strive to make sense of situations and experiences in our lives.  Could I have avoided such-and-such, or ‘that worked’, and repeat the successful thought processes to bring a conscious reality to our lives.  Education and tutoring through friendships, institutions, media and social venues, help to hew out that footing we all desire within our inquisitive minds.  This is an area that is crucial when compiling the other parts to this equation.  Many do not entertain enough, this essential part of the equation, making the YR (your reality) a ‘less than’, more than an ‘equal to’.  The intellect part of the equation is a variable of many platforms.  To only utilize a friend’s word, or the words of one book or work, is to water down the experience of ‘your reality’.

I feel we must guard our minds.  Our thoughts are what really give life and meaning to our existence.  Do not find yourself cutting out parts of the equation, or you find yourself with a facade of human experience, having traded the real for fantasy…when our lives are a celebration of BOTH. 

Enjoy a more complete, enriched life experience!   It’s in your power.

nothing worth having


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