We All Matter

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

There are millions who think that transgender people are mentally ill. Marginalized people who are hookers, addicts, harmful, and irresponsible people, to be removed from the general population.

To those who ‘go there’ in their mind when hear transgender or transsexual, please realize these truths:

1. We are human, with feelings, dreams, and desires of love and a life of prosperity.
2. Many of us have spouses, and jobs.
3. We are tax-paying citizens.
4. We are educated.
5. We are in every type of employment and profession.
6. We have families.
7. We can be found in every religion.
8. We are found in every social and economic strata.
9. We are your family, acquaintances, parishioners, fellow soldiers, coworkers, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse and lover.
10. We are here. We have ALWAYS been here.

What many see and what movies and law enforcement portray, are girls that have been thrown out of their homes, fired from their jobs, estranged from the very family and friends who loved them dearly BEFORE hearing the truth of their battle and experience. Forced to live in shelters and prostituting their bodies JUST TO SURVIVE.

So, before you think ill of someone, or feel justified in laughing or heckling at a fellow human that is struggling with this reality…STOP, THINK, and make a difference for the good of ALL.



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