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Humans reach for the unreal, all the time. They are sold a bill of goods and it is passed down generation to generation. They enjoy the message of charlatans, as the lies ‘feel good’, and can make sense on a very base, childlike level.

Fables, legend, and characters, created and placed on the stage of life, but they never cast a shadow. Stories taught, humanistic examples of how to live via the injection of imaginary characters…heroes, traitors and the enemy alike. Traditions held and defended with human lives and human blood. Tradition.

Billions have a ‘faith’ they were indoctrinated into. Their ‘traditions’, those stories of legend and lore over time, have become actual history, and actual truths to them…no matter how impossible.

I believe it had reached epidemic proportions long ago…and is held to heart today.

Humanistic teachings are part of every society. Things that have nothing to do with the supernatural, but history and experience. Thousands of teachings that have been adopted by writers of heroes in fabrications within various religions…so, nothing new there.

Every experience within religion is experienced outside of it as well. Every day, people experience feelings, see things with no words that can justifiably describe it…feelings that transcend the average human experience, and all of that without appending imaginary beings to it, or giving credit to an imagined deity passed onto us via programming.

I’m not knocking your feelings or experiences…but know this:

There is NO need for religion or imagined personalities within lore, to be moral, good, or fulfilled. The concoction of ‘sin’ and an ‘afterlife’ steal from us, the unlimited essence of learning and living.


Anti Marriage Equality churches are now attacking LGBT friendly churches.

They’re assumed ‘Apostates’, so now they deserve no respect or freedom of belief?

This type of divisive exercise has been perfected within the practice of religion. These attacks are continued stains of hypocrisy and fundamentalist poison, and of course, they feel that their god is on their side biblically…which is the ULTIMATE threat to a civilized/progressive country. Emblazoned ignorance!

We have not seen the last of this insanity. Lives can and probably will be lost over the freedom of a marginalized minority in our country. We ALL should be celebrating…but that is far from the truth.

This type of belief system brings division of family, friends, companions, towns, cities, culture and the advancement of humanistic diversity and freedoms.

As a country, we have come through much, and not only survived, but have thrived. Fundamentalist churches are mere cults of human insanity, and we must free ourselves from it’s talons of hate and bigotry. False in the basic meaning of the word ‘Christian’, using their political prowess to infiltrate, claim and pollute our Constitution and our most esteemed attribute…freedom for all.


Christ-like, Shiva-like, Allah-like, Ra-like, Herculean, or whoever you’d like to emulate…how about just being a good, respectful, loving human being? Why is it that we humans love to append god-like individuals to give credit for what we humans achieve and experience EVERY DAY?? It’s belittling to man’s achievements within social evolution. Man’s creation of these deities before knowing why the sun comes up, earthquakes, volcanoes, famine, pestilence and plague, soon became harmful control mechanisms used with fear by the few controlling theists, retarding our evolution. Stories of fiction are fun and we have built moral stories within them, just like the fairy-tales you tell your children, yet we still cling to tradition and fables when it comes to religion and it’s imaginations…things that 10 yr. old’s normally reject.

I realize it can be a good social venue, a family per se, but it’s built on social fables and should only be used as a lesson base, not a controlling mechanism where adults speak to the fables as they were real. Now there is a base that yearns for a theocracy right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., interfering with legislation…a place where they do not belong.

‘Oh, don’t go there Ally’ you may say, but living life as a responsible, loving and respectful human being is already in your power to do, I’d suggest you’d be that for YOURSELF and others…not because of some pie-in-the-sky fairy-tale, preschool, borderline schizophrenic behavior.

Much love to you in your short experience called ‘life’. Be all that YOU can be! – Ally Raymond




In my adolescence I was completely enthralled with the imaginary superheros and villains that were found in our comic books and occasionally starred in cinema.  We would go to the theater to watch these much awaited movies with our imaginations going wild!  After the movie ended we would flow out into the streets, believing ourselves to be Superman, complete with superpowers!   I thought I could fly, had super strength and was able to do anything to suppress any of the ‘threats’, or posses the  power to change my life.   I was completely incorrigible, for a time at least.  This euphoria would continue on when Saturday cartoons would air, bolstering my infinite imagination.  We’d come home from school only to hear from my over-worked mother, ”You kids go outside and play until dinner is ready!”  Over and over again my imagination would revisit the abilities and morality that was found in the cartoons and movies.  Batman, Superman, The Green Lantern, He Man, Johnny Quest and The League of Justice were all real in affecting my ability in some positive way (or so I thought).

As I grew older, TV series such as Star Trek, Lost in Space, My Favorite Martian and the like would continue to spur my evolving mind forward to more possible things in science, ideas that went beyond the technology of the time.  These thoughts ignited aspirations that would stay with me into adulthood.  Mind-stretching possibilities of science and technology were manifest with the creation of inventions that would bring those realities to fruition in my latter years.  Things that seemed only science fiction then are now part of our lives this very day. 


Many forms of media programming affect our thought processes imprint on us in our childhood and adulthood.  2014 has been deemed  “Year of the Bible” by the creative marketers of cinema.   Many of it’s movies, Son of God, Noah, Heaven is for Real, Exodus, and Mary, Mother of Christ will bring the CG versions of Bible stories to millions of viewers.  These movies will be flooded with miraculous glamour that will feed many minds with the seemed ‘reality of God and his power and authority over man’.  People everywhere will be stimulated by the supposed ‘reality’ of these Hollywood remakes in America; they are already leaving the cinemas with ‘super powers’ and bolstered ‘abilities’ and morality affecting their religious posterity.

In their minds, children will be Moses, Noah, Jesus or Mary in their playtime; adults, on the other hand, will have been inspired to make changes in their lives — even if for a short period of time.   Churches will be emblazoned with passion, inspiring more outreach to those who have been affected by the movies, hopefully increasing membership within their social network they call ‘The Church’. 

There is a war going on in the minds and hearts of those that would, by blind faith, throw themselves into the frothing masses of those who desire to change our country from a democracy to a theocracy. This year they will be inspired by their ‘higher power’ to wield authority and legislative power to make our great nation look more like a Christian movie-set than a platform designed by our Constitution.  This is an election year I am afraid that this CG platform of religion, empowered by fear and fallacy, will attempt to succeed in many states.  They will attempt yet again, to put in chains those in the LGBT community who have enjoyed expanded freedoms to date.


We must remain cognizant of the real threat to our freedoms of diversity, not exacerbated fear and judgment that religious stories and fable inspire.  We are a nation with ‘Liberty and Justice for All’, or are we merely a reflective image of theocracy which marginalizes women, quells freedoms and enforces a way of life that enslaves the minds of millions which ascribe to it’s ‘desert-tribe’ mentality.  This election year, we must continue the fight for freedom for all, not just the script of those who wish to relive their proverbial superheroes.  Repercussion is a form whiplash.  We must:

Beware The Sequel.



The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history.  One Quarter of the population of humanity was wiped out, killing an estimated 350-375 million people from Asia to the shores of Europe.  The plague respected no one.  Kings, Pope, priests, and nobles that were supposed to be able to protect the townspeople were powerless to it’s destruction of life.  Prayer, isolation, offerings, all fell on proverbial deaf ears. 


During the plague’s migration to mid-Europe, there was a group of religious zealots that took matters into their own hands, The Flagellant.   They would mimic the torture and suffering that Christ was supposed to have suffered during his trial and Crucifixion.  They would whip themselves with cords fashioned with stone in them to afflict severe wounds.  Loss of blood would be wiped up by the clothes of women following them, smearing the very blood over their faces to show their penance to a god who would or could not hear their pleas for healing and restoration.  These groups would move town to town in hope to save themselves and others from certain judgment from their angry god for their sin.  They would gather those in various town, torturing and killing those who were found in their ‘witch hunt’, of sorts.  Those guilty of ‘sins’ within the various towns and provinces  It was a ghastly time, fearful, and inescapable.  

 The mindset of various religions today, continue in the fear of judgment of an all powerful God.  The plague they now face has been labeled as the destroyer of our nation, this new threat – the equal rights of the LGBT community.  The delusion of judgment, and purging of sin, is still practiced today, spreading out in communities and effecting those that do not ascribe to it’s beliefs.  These ‘flagellant’ Christians are now gathering within the United States, amassing those who would ascribe to the notion that ‘sin’ is something god will judge and is currently judging, from the President on down.  They are congregating in various states, trying to persecute all those that do not ‘shore up’ to their beliefs and are beating on themselves with things like “The War on Christmas”, or refusal to serve the LGBT communities, or to marry them.  They are bullying those who do not agree with their view of god’s judgment, and are working nonstop to legislate their phobias into law, allowing them to refuse service and other functionality to persons in our progressive society.  They cry out ‘Take our country back’, similar to the 14th century, as their prayers as well continue to fall on deaf ears.  They have taken matters into their own hands, willfully spreading lies and financing marketing to publicly ‘weep’ of their ‘religious persecution’.   They tried to quell integration just decades ago, all in the name of their god and his supposed holy writings using this same platform of hypocritical righteousness. 


The Crown Jewel of the U.S.A. is celebrating our diversity in a prosperous, free society.  It’s citizens, all equal, all Americans, deserving freedom to practice their religious beliefs or not.  All men (and women) are created equal, but these groups will not tolerate anything that THEY deem as sin that cannot be tolerated.  Sin is sin, but they forget that…as they would not be able to function in their own communities and churches, should they start enforcing it.  Lately, their self created, paranoid delusions are causing many to join them in helping their supposed ‘all powerful god’ by sitting in his very seat of judgment…as god is not responding to their prayers of segregation and discrimination.  Religion is in the heart, and does not belong in our court system, affecting all those who do not share their views – or at least it shouldn’t be.  Separation of Church and State is the true ‘holy text’ here in the greatest nation on earth.  There is no other country with both our size and diversity. 

Let’s continue to thrive to build a safe haven for ALL our citizens, and not make the mistake of taking some belief system into our system of government.  If we fall to this insanity, we will no longer be a republic, but a theocracy.  And THAT cannot be tolerated!  Lincoln’s phrase “government of the people, by the people, for the people” … that bell must ring for ALL!



I’ve always enjoyed a bag of microwavable popcorn, to edge my hunger.  That slight salt and buttery taste satisfies for a moment, but ultimately leaves you with a hunger for REAL food.  The salt creates a thirst and the butter, well, who doesn’t love butter?  It’s a quick treat.  Something that takes little effort and yields a pleasant, but temporary satisfaction.   

Humans are intelligent and creative, creativity being mostly for convenience.  The Machine Age brought ingenious streamlining to our mundane chores.  From farming to the table, from cotton to clothing, from manual labor to automated machines that would run circles around human production.  Now the Age of Technology has brought almost complete automation to our human interactions and the realities of what it means to be ‘human’.   While we all enjoy many of these inventions, and cannot even think of going back to the ‘old days’ before machines, computers, chat rooms and the like, there is much to be said about the human element. 


Staples has built their marketing around the big red button “EASY”.  It implies that with little effort, your shopping experience will be a breeze.  The keyword is “easy”.  We want things, all things, to be convenient for us…a form of instant or quick gratification.  From quick changing lights in traffic, to timely appointments, those ‘things’ can be improved and therefore benefit our selfish needs.  But there are things better left for preparation, things that heartfelt humanity can only fill and bring meaning to us the way that ‘things’ and convenience cannot.  We must identify those human elements…friendships, quality time with friends and family, a good book, a fantastic meal, a retirement plan, a quality vacation,  a kiss, passionate expression, time taking essence that satisfy the soul…not just the moment. 

The point being, Nothing worth having comes easy…nothing.  From loves, to friends, to food, to careers, the meaningful has no shortcuts.  Wondering why no one is your friend?  Wonder why you don’t have the job you desire?  Wonder why you’re always single?  Ask yourself again, with sincerity…are you willing to spend your energies achieving those things you desire most, or are you trying to ‘microwave’ your happiness?

nothing worth having


Most of us have experienced the awe of space and its many stars, visible to our own eyes.  It’s deep coldness, its brilliant suns, the unimaginable distance and solitude it exudes.  Ancient man gave many of the stars names, and used them to navigate our globe. 

I’d like to give a quick overview of some known facts.

Our Sun was birthed about 5 billion years ago.  Its solar system of planets is about 4.5 billion years old.  Our sun is a yellow dwarf.  Our life giving star is regarded as a very insignificant star in the scheme of suns.  Most suns also have many planets within its solar system as well.  The closest sun to our sun is known as Alpha Centauri.  It is a mere 4 light years away, that’s if one could travel for 4 years at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).  That gives you an idea of the expanse of space.  Here is an example of various known suns in our knowable universe, starting with our planets and their relative sizes:



We are all part of a galaxy known as the Milky Way.   It is a spiral galaxy, and is approximately 160,000 light years across and made up of over 200,000,000,000 (200 billion) stars and associated planets (ours being only one of them)…and that is just our small, insignificant galaxy. The Known Universe is 13.8 billion years old.

 Here is one view of the millions of galaxies taken by the Hubble telescope (these are galaxies):


 Our Reality: 

Most humans are enjoying (for the brief moment) being an apex predator on this rocky planet we call Earth.  Ninety-nine percent of ALL life that has ever existed to date is now extinct.  Our mammalian species has been around for approximately 150,000 (mere thousands of years, not millions, or billions) years.  That is a mere blink of the eye to what has already transpired on this one small planet, with its small sun, amongst billions of other stars and subsequent planets, in an insignificant galaxy among billions of galaxies in the KNOWN universe!  It is completely overwhelming!  And to think, we humans think we are ‘special’. .. And we are, especially to us. Such arrogance!  Nothing is insignificant when it involves the ‘top of the chain, god created, universe revolves around us’ species we have named humanity.  It is completely ludicrous to believe anything of the sort.  Billions of years of evolution around the known universe have been transpiring, regardless of our self proclaimed position on this beautiful rock we know as home.  But something DOES make us special, special to us, our needs, our emotions, our friends, our achievements, our loves, our experience of ‘life’, and that is our humanity.  It’s fragile, but can be wonderful and rewarding.  Our 5 senses are limited, but without them, our lives are challenged and less fulfilling.  

Take the time to re-evaluate your fragile life.  It is as a blade of grass, rising up and dying before the sun, so quickly experienced.  Do not wait to spread your wings and be all you can be.  Open your mind to the diversity and experiences we can enjoy.  Learn all you can, understand as much as you can, the reality you create for yourself.  Remember, the universe and all its splendor will continue for billions of years after you and I are gone, so make the very best of it!!!