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Anti Marriage Equality churches are now attacking LGBT friendly churches.

They’re assumed ‘Apostates’, so now they deserve no respect or freedom of belief?

This type of divisive exercise has been perfected within the practice of religion. These attacks are continued stains of hypocrisy and fundamentalist poison, and of course, they feel that their god is on their side biblically…which is the ULTIMATE threat to a civilized/progressive country. Emblazoned ignorance!

We have not seen the last of this insanity. Lives can and probably will be lost over the freedom of a marginalized minority in our country. We ALL should be celebrating…but that is far from the truth.

This type of belief system brings division of family, friends, companions, towns, cities, culture and the advancement of humanistic diversity and freedoms.

As a country, we have come through much, and not only survived, but have thrived. Fundamentalist churches are mere cults of human insanity, and we must free ourselves from it’s talons of hate and bigotry. False in the basic meaning of the word ‘Christian’, using their political prowess to infiltrate, claim and pollute our Constitution and our most esteemed attribute…freedom for all.